Deli Turkeys!


Food Department Import and distribution of processed food products

This department imports and distributes turkey processed products from around the world. With the concept “Turkeys on tables of all Japanese families”, we are making efforts in developing turkey products that match Japanese taste. We also handle variety of products such as pork processed products, ducks, foie-gras, and so on.

Machinery Department  Supply poultry farming equipments and services

This department offers total services from designing and installation through maintenance of layer, broiler, and hatching systems. Also, we provide solutions to system improvements and effective data managements, utilizing our original products and know-how.

Meat Plant Department Design, production, and sales of meat processing and slaughtering equipments

This department is specialized in design, installation, and after sale maintenance of slaughtering and meat processing system. This department also imports and distributes meat processing machinery and parts. The advanced total engineering technology and accumulated know-how provides solutions to meet customer’s needs.

Poultry Breeding Business  Stable supply of outstanding breeds

This department provides layer, broiler, and duck parent stocks. Most of base breeds in Japanese poultry industry are sourced from abroad. Their excellent performance is a result of advanced breeding technology. We supply high performance breeds for customers’ stable profits.

Product Development Department  Activities for stable future growth

This department flexibly engages in variety of fields from import/export services and new product development to launching of new business for a company’s stable growth toward the future.

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