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Deli Turkeys!


Shosuke Maki President
Shosuke Maki

Our company was founded in 1953, in a country reconstruction period after World War II. We started our business by the developing, manufacturing and exporting of a chick sexing device ( chick tester ) to U.S. and European companies.

Through the sale of the sexing device, we had many opportunities to visit poultry- wise developed countries, mainly in Europe and the United States, and realized the advanced levels of the poultry industries in those countries. Being convinced that we would be able to contribute to the Japanese poultry/livestock industry modernization by importing and widely distributing those advanced countries’ products in Japan, we started to handle the poultry farming machinery and equipment as well as poultry livestock.

Since then, we have been expanding our business scope by importing and distributing world’s unique processed meat products and livestock slaughtering equipment, and have greatly contributed to the development of Japanese poultry industry modernization and to the animal protein demand increase.

Management philosophy of our company is "be trustworthy, be vital, be an attractive company contributing to the progress of society and mankind thru businesses in agriculture, animal husbandry and food supply”. With this philosophy in mind all the time, we would like to continuously contribute to progresses of the relevant industries.

We have 4 sales departments of Machinery Dept., Food Dept., Meat Processing Plant Dept. and Product Development Dept.

Machinery Dept.:
The department contributes to the progress of Japanese poultry/livestock industry by introducing world’s advanced poultry/livestock equipment and systems and know-how, as well as by addressing the needs of labor/resource saving, pollution control and animal welfare.

Food Dept.:
The department deals in world’s unique and niche market processed meat products ( Turkey, Duck and Lamb ). Among the products, turkey products are quite popular at major theme parks, which supports a steady growth of the department. The market share of turkey products that we distribute in Japan is over 50% of the whole Japanese turkey product market.

Meat Processing Plant dept.:
The department handles cattle and hog processing equipment, and significantly contributes to the slaughterhouse modernization. The department supplies labor-saving equipment and hygienic machinery for safe food product production.

Product Development dept.:
The department imports and distributes Novogen layers and Hubbard broilers from a French breeder, Grimaud, and is trying to establish a 3rd high performance breed market in Japan. Also, the department acts as an importing agency of industrial vacuum toilets used mainly for Shinkansen, and as a food processing equipment importer. Besides, the department is working on green house based vegetable production and on solar power generation projects.

We intend to continuously supply excellent products and even better service to our customers at reasonable prices for Japanese industries’ progresses.

Thank you.

January, 2015
Tohzai Sangyo Boeki Inc.

槇 章介 Shosuke Maki